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For a healthy lifestyle

How to order:

  • Check out next pop-up of Swedish’s Handmade in the Event
  • Order directly online on this Website
  • Contact me directly for freshly made bodycare at info@swedishandmade.com or send me a text on +852 67115740
  • Order online through Baby Central
  • Order online through Foodcraft
  • Visit Corner Shop 35 Tai Chau Street, on Cheung Chau island Hong Kong


Swedish’s Handmade is happy to Sponsor Charity of:



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Contact me on:

Swedish’s Handmade Bodycare

Rebecka Lundin

Email: info@swedishandmade.com

Phone Hong Kong: +852 67115740

Phone Sweden: +46 (0) 720081261

Live life to the full by eating right, exercise, enjoy nature, love your family and friends and laugh everyday!

Swedish’s Handmade Bodycare