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Swedish’s Handmade Bodycare


Swedish’s Handmade Bodycare is a brand of all freshly made beauty products, made by me with love and care for your Body and Soul.

Live life to the full and take care of your Body with fresh and healthy alternatives!
The first thing you think of if wanting to live a healthy life, is to eat right and exercise, but what you don’t think about is all the toxic we put on our body, in our daily use of soaps and lotions.

Swedish’s Handmade is only made with the best of natural oils that will keep your skin healthy and super soft!


How to order:

Go to shop page and order online
Please click on events and check out my next pop-up store or farmers market.
Contact me for freshly made products by email [email protected]
Please note as my products are handmade without any chemicals or colouring, so consistency can change due to weather and temperature.

Nut allergies be aware not to use my products, as most of them contain Almond oil.