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About me….

Born and raised in Sweden, my family had a country house and when my two sisters and I weren’t at school in Stockholm, we spent all of our time there.

Our parents where passionate about growing their own vegetables, and my mother loved to dye her own yarn for knitting and weaving.  She used natural roots and leaves from the forest to do it too.
My dad was an artist, who painted land and seascapes.
The three of us girls used to pick flowers from the fields, mix them together and make hair treatments and other beauty products.
This widened my knowledge about nature, and the importance of always using good, natural ingredients.

My approach to body care is similar to the fresh and organic approach to food sourcing and preparation.
I source the freshest ingredients, magic them together, and use the products whilst they’re still fresh and lively.

The whole idea about my products is that you treat them as you would food.
It is all made fresh and used by an expiry date to ensure maximum delight for your body.

In this way, no preservatives or other chemicals are needed – ever.  The only thing you will put on your skin are amazing, natural oils.

I hope you enjoy my products as much as I do.

Love Swedish x